The product range offered by Narmada Chemicals to the textile processing industry has been arranged together with a brief summary of their characteristics and attributes. This enables our viewers to comprehend the range available and identify those products which are of potential interest The following are the categories of products manufactured by Narmada chemicals. If you need further information about the products or the price details you may contact us. Besides the listed products we can supply other chemicals as per your specific requirements at the most competitive rates

Pre-treatment process

  1. Desizing agent
  2. Wetting and penetrating agent
  3. Sequestering agent
  4. Demineralising agents
  5. Wetting agents cum detergents
  6. Silicone deformers
  7. Non-silicate peroxide stabilisers
  8. Neutralisers
  9. Polyester weight reducing catalyst
  10. Anti back staining agent
  11. Core alkali neutraliser

Dyeing process

  1. Sequestering agents
  2. Silicone deformers
  3. Acid buffers
  4. Polyester dyeing carrier
  5. Dispersing agent and oligomer removing agent
  6. Levelling agent
  7. Ant crease lubricants
  8. Washing off agents
  9. Dye-fixing agents with and without formaldehyde
  10. Soda ash substitute for pigment dyeing
  11. Soaping Agents

Printing process

  1. Dispersing, penetrating, swelling, levelling and defoaming agent
  2. Fixing accelerators in polyester, processed in a loop streamer
  3. Bindings-acrylic self thickening for gold and flock
  4. Fixers in pigment printing
  5. Thickeners
  6. Washing off agents
  7. Softener for pigment printing

Finishing process

  1. Stiffeners
  2. Softeners- cationic, non-ionic, hydrophilic and non yellowing softeners
  3. Silicone emulsions-amino. Elastomer, micro and hydrophilic silicone Emulsions & Bloomers
  4. Wax finishing agents
  5. Antistatic agents
  6. Water repellent and soil resistant agents
  7. Polyurethane finishing agents
  8. Anticrease resins
  9. Anti-pilling cum antislip agent
  10. Enzymatic bio-polising agent
  11. Yarn lubricants

Finishing Chemicals

Textile materials undergo several chemical treatments from the raw stage to finished product. These processes (desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing etc.) cause the surface of the fibers to become rough and harsh. This leads to the fabric having an unpleasant feel. To solve this problem textile materials are treated with substances, called "Softeners" which give a pleasant feel.

Dyeing and Printing Chemicals

Dyeing is the process of imparting color to a textile material by use of a dye. This material is present in various forms: loose fiber, sliver, yarn (cheese, cone, warp, hank), fabric (woven, knitted, non-woven) and garment.

Pretreatment Chemicals

Pretreatment Chemicals are used to convert raw fiber /yarn / fabric into substrates suitable for dyeing, printing and finishing. These fibers / yarns / fabrics could be of cotton, wool, silk, synthetics and blends of these.

Silicone Emulsion

We focus on creating products based on silicone chemistry. Many of these products are commonly known as silicones. In fact , silicones represents a huge group of products that share useful common trades like stability at high temperatures and resistance to age , sunlight , moisture , temperature extremes and exposures to chemicals.

Speciality Finishes

Techniques for improving one or more aesthetic functional properties , textiles encompassing several major approaches that are far more comprehensive and diverse than employing only conventional textile finishing methods.