Welcome to Narmada Chemicals

We at Narmada Chemicals manufacture and formulate a wide range of speciality auxiliaries and enzymes for the textiles processing industry with a commitment to offer value. We manufacture with add value to different kind of textiles. Our products are applied in pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, textile printing, flocking of surfaces as well as textile coating apart from the market for textile auxillaries.
Narmada Chemicals has a significant presence in markets for textile care and performance chemicals. Narmada chemicals is continuously committed to offer the best service and value to our customers.


  • Special effects on denim.
  • Color tinting on indigo dyed garments .
  • Back stain preventors.
  • Ocean wash/ball blast.
  • Antiozonatest.
  • Aged look (washed look).


Our research and development works closely with our direct customers using our specialized skill-set to ensure that new product development remains focused on the customers current and future needs. Many people are engaged in research and new product development and their possible applications across diverse industries , all with the view of serving the end customers.